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The Latest At The Moscow Collection

Click on the country to go to their entry's page
France: Kaas Live DVD and general world domination news, Composer version 2014
Serbia: Many versions of Cipela didn't save Marko from the jury, 2018 version out now
Bulgaria: Krassimirs Illusion, cdsingle and album out now, updated
Norway: Fairytale: French version, Russian version out now, back in the charts, 2017 duet version
Greece: Sakis Rouvas - This Is Our Night CD release, Greek version updates
Georgia: Out but still groovin' album for Stephane 3G.
United Kingdom: Jade cdsingle finally released in the U.K.  It's my 林育羣
Finland: Waldo lost control a bit, cdsingle and album.  coverversions from South Africa
Armenia: New album for the Arshakyan Sisters
Switzerland: cdsingle, album info, update, Best Of album out now
Turkey: Japan and Taiwan releases, Afrikaans coverversion of DTT
Denmark: Brinck promo, Afrikaans coverversion video, Dutch cover by Topper, Ronan Keating releases own version
Portugal: Flor De Lis, promo info, 2010 CD for Flor De Lis
Netherlands: Toppers In Concert CD out now, DVD to follow, exit Gordon.
Czech RepublicAven Romale promo info, see them live in Belgium
Iceland: Yohanna 2nd in final, Swedish releases, remix out now
Spain: Soraya, new cdsingle, remix, mutant coverversion
Russia: Anastasiya's Mamo remixes online now
2011 The Düsseldorf Collection launched
Bosnia-HercegovinaBistra Voda - Bosnian, English, Russian, CD
AzerbaijanAlways at #3, Album re-issue info
Belarus: Eyes That Never Lie, download the mixes
SwedenLa Voix Du Nord, new album, acoustic version, Kirkorov cover
GermanyHeart 4 Sale, album out now, Hasselhoff covers MKKB
Lithuania: Sasha's Love cdsingle, updated info on versions
RomaniaThe Balkan Girls, Elena Album, details on 2nd cdsingle.
SlovakiaFly through the darkness, Three cdsingles.
Latvia: Busulis stuck in the semi due to Traffic Jam, updates
Oslo Collection 2010 lauched
Israel: Noa and Mira's joint CD out, another version of TMBAW.
Montenegro: Remixes, cdsingle but no final, updated
Poland: Lidia may not wanna leave...., updated
Macedonia: No final thanks to jury, promo info, updated
Moldova: Feisty Nelly's Many Mixes Sorted!
Ukraine: Anti Crisis Girl , 150 remixes, album release
Ireland: Sinead and Black Daisy cdsingle, demo versions info
Estonia: Urban Symphony take Estonia out of the semi's
Albania: Kejsi Tola, Kërry Më Into Your Drëams
Croatia: Saved by the jury, promo info
MaltaWhat If We promo info
Andorra: Susanne Georgi cdsingle out now
BelgiumCopycat releases, magazine
Cyprus: Lights out for Firefly
Hungary: Fashion Police puts stop to place in final for Zoli
SloveniaLove Symphony cdsingle

Many Thanks to Bea and Arnold, Rick, Josep, Micke, Lior and Frederick and all others who sent info or comments
Special Thanks to the artists, delegations and record-companies who were so kind to send material and information.

You will find chart results of the Eurovision entries in each entries post. I only include music charts that are based on sales. (physical and/or download)
A great place to check the charts is Charts All Over The World

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1 Norway - Fairytale - Alexander Rybak

1 - 387 pts / 1 - 201 pts in semi 2

Congratulations Norway!
Alexander Rybaks Fairytale wins the Moscow 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with the highest number of points ever 387. After a not so thrilling voting (Norways victory was clear after a few countries voted) Alexander Rybak was crowned the winner. He also won his semi final with 201 points. 16 x the douze poing and 33 x top 3 votes for Fairytale resulted in an unprecedented lead over #2 with 159 points.

Fairytale is issued on an cd/dvd set (The EPK - Electronic Press Kit)
The cdsingle has Fairytale and the dvd has the videoclip, bio and photos plus interviews in English and Russian.

Two EMI cdsingles are released may 15. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Both are now available in the German shops and at BeaRecords
2 tracks on (EMI 9661552)
Fairytale ♫
Fairytale - karaoke

4 tracks on (EMI 966156 2)
Fairytale ♫
Song from a secret Garden
Fairytale - karaoke
Fairytale - DJ Lello remix

V2 records have released a 1 track cdsingle in the Netherlands and Belgium ? (2009 V2 VVNL 20833) pic below left
Lionheart records have released a 1 track cdsingle in Sweden (Lionheart/Universal UNI-LHICDS -0117 ) pic below right

Fairytale is the longest running #1 for a Eurovision song in Norway. : 3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 4, 3, 3, 1, 1, 3, 2, 4, 9, 19, 18, -
Back to #1 after the victory, and also at #2 with new song Funny Little World (which later follows up Fairytale as #1 in Norway)
Sweden top 60 (from week 17) 47, 37, 7, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 8, 15, 9, 10, 9, 12, 22, 25, 27, 38, 49 + #60, 60, -in march 2010, 45 in april
Finland top 20: 2, 3, 1, 5, 4, 7, 10, 10, 3, 3, 7, 15, -, 15, 20, -, 20
Denmark top 40 : 2, 1, 12, 17, 24, 29, -
Ireland top 40: 2, 9, 34, -
Belgium 60 (Flemish charts): 5, 1, 4, 7, 14, 17, 21, 38, 35, -, 46, 32, -
Belgium 40 (Wallonia): 20, 4, 16, 31, -
Netherlands top 100: 2, 3, 5, 20, 47, 60, -
U.K. top 100 : 10, 38, 76, -
Germany top 100: 4, 8, 7, 8, 9, 10, 22, 29, 30, 25, 35, 38, 42, 53, 62, - dec 09 re-entry: 74, June 2010 re-entry: 49 + may 2011: 70
Switzerland top 100: 3, 11, 16, 31, 43, 45, -, 99, - + in May 2011: 61
Austria top 75: 12, 22, 10, 24, 20, 35, 47, 48, 60, 74, 75, -
Spain: 35, -
Australia: 67, -
Alexander Rybak also scores a # 1 hit in several charts in Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus Lithuania, Latvia and Uzbekistan and has a top 10 hit in many other (airplay) charts.

Fairytale 2017
Fairytale 2017 version
In november 2017 Rybak released a new version of Fairytale. It features German singer and violinist Franziska Wiese. It's a duet in English and german and was released on a CDsingle (and digital).
The release also includes a karaoke version. Watch and listen here

More international releases
For Russia and Greece Alexander Rybak is signed with Universal.
In Greece a 1 track promo cdsingle is issued.
In France Rybak is signed with M6 Interactions. See below for the French album. The cdsingle didn't materialize.
Alexander Rybak at BeaRecords

The Fairytales album is out now in most territories. The German edition has the bonustrack 500 miles (Proclaimers cover) and some digital releases have bonus track Vocalise (also on the Russian CD)
The Russian edition has a new remix of Fairytale as bonustrack: Fairytale - Holter/Erixon Radio Remix
Full (slightly different) tracklist of the Russian CD at Universal.ru

Fairytales, the album charts in several countries and has already achieved Gold status in Norway and Sweden.
Fairytale and Fairytales are also available through iTunes in most countries. Listen to the tracks at Alexander Rybak's MySpace

French album
The French issue of the Fairytales album is out now. It includes 12 tracks including a new version of Fairytale with the verses sung in French (M6 interactions / Warner France)
A new website in French is also launched. Fairytales enters the French album charts at #21.

Fairytales - Russian winter edition.
In Russia a new edition of the Fairytales album is released. Winter Fairytales / Зимняя сказка includes Fairytale (Сказка) and If You Were Gone (Когда Уйдешь) in Russian versions. A bonus DVD has 4 videos including Fairytale. (Full tracklist at Universal.ru). And it's Александр Рыбак in Russian.

2010 Polish album
A CD/DVD set was released on Magic records in Poland in 2010.
It features Fairytale and a Fairytale remix.
The DVD has three videos including Fairytale.

- Versions -
Fairytale - original version, all releases ♫
Fairytale - karaoke - both German cdsingles
Fairytale - DJ Lello remix - German maxi cds
Fairytale - Holter/Erixson Radio Remix (2:58) - first Russian Fairytales CD
Fairytale - French/English version - French Fairytales CD
Skazka / Сказка - Russian version - Russian Winter Fairytales CD, deluxe edition
Fairytale - Holter/Erixson Remix (4:38) - release details wanted
Fairytale - Silverjam mix, duet with Franziska Wiese (2017 English/German)
Fairytale - Silverjam mix karaoke (2017)

New Rybak Website http://www.alexanderrybak.com/
Alexander Rybak won the Norwegian final with six times as many votes as the runner up.
All songs from the Norwegian selection 2009 have been released on the CD MGP 2009.Already available at Bearecords and Scandinavian webshops. (1797278 Universal Music)

Based on downloads several Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix songs already made it to the Norwegian charts (top 20) before the whole preselection extravaganza was over.
Special thanks to Rick and to Anja Nylund-Hagen at NRK.

2010 Afrikaans version
South African singer Lee Scott recorded Fairytale in Afrikaans as Wonderland on his CD Die Enigste Manier (EMI South Africa).
The album also features coverversions of Is It True (Iceland) and What If We (Malta).
It's available at Kalahari

2010 Junior Fairytale
The winner of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Ralf Mackenbach has released his first album Ralf. It includes his Junior winner Click Clack but also a coverversion of Fairytale. Ralf Website

2010 cover by the Playtones.
A rockabilly style coverversion has been recorded by the Swedish Playtones.
Their version of Fairytale is on the CD Rock'n'Roll Dance Party, # 1 in the Swedish album charts in februari 2010. Playtones website

A Russian version by A-Via titled Сказка is available on various video sites and Russian mp3 discs.
Hellad Velled have recorded Fairytale in Estonian as Muinasjutt (Youtube). It's released on VA CD Elmari Tantsuõhtu 14 (TopTen records)
Trondheims finest Donna Diesel have recorded a rock version of Fairytale. You can listen at Donna Diesel Youtube videochannel.
In Iceland Simmi and Jói have a recorded an Icelandic version of Fairytale titled Ferðalagið. Simmi & Jói are popular TV & Radio hosts and together they have a Saturday radio show at Bylgjan 98.9 radio. At the Bylgjan 98.9 website you can download their version of Fairytale. (This page) and Youtube
- Thanks to Anna

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Your Guide To The Moscow Collection

This blog is for the collectors of the CDs of the 2009 Eurovision contest. It replaces the yearly Collection Document (see below)
You will find no downloads here, but links to official sites and release info on CDs and where you can buy them.
Find details on all recorded versions, label info, promo's and all you need to know to complete your collection of the 2009 contest. We'll also try to keep track of our beloved Eurovision entries in the official national and international charts and Album releases.
You can just scroll the blog or use the links in the Latest News post. If you have any news, additions or corrections or if you find broken links, please leave a comment or e-mail me.

Please read about the official CD and karaoke downloads here.

Special thanks to Lior for his many corrections and updates 2012/2013.

♫ = This version is on the official 2CD

Previous Eurovision Collections
Here are links to some older Eurovision Collections. These are all word.documents with listings of all recorded versions of the songs from each contest. And picture sleeves for your entertainment.
2008 - The Belgrade Collection (Updated 20-03-2009)
2007 - The Helsinki Collection -----2006 - The Athens Collection
2005 - The Kyiv Collection --------2004 - The Istanbul Collection
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Please note: All are word.documents to download, not all documents have been updated recently The Eurovision Collectors Guide booklet has all details on the entries from 1956 to 2005 and is still available.

Moscow 2009 - The latest news

Norway: Fairytale: French version, Russian version out now., 2017 version
Armenia: New album for the Arshakyan Sisters
Switzerland: cdsingle, album info, update, Best Of album out now
Turkey: Japan and Taiwan releases, Afrikaans coverversion of DTT
Denmark: Brinck promo, Afrikaans coverversion video, Dutch cover by Topper.
Netherlands: Toppers In Concert CD out now, DVD to follow, exit Gordon.
Czech Republic: Aven Romale promo info, see them live in Belgium
Iceland: Yohanna 2nd in final, Swedish releases, remix out now
Bulgaria: Krassimirs Illusion, cdsingle & album out now
Spain: Soraya, new cdsingle, remix, mutant coverversion
Russia: Anastasiya's Mamo remixes online now
Bosnia-Hercegovina: Bistra Voda - Bosnian, English, Russian, CD
Azerbaijan: Always at #3, Album re-issue info
Belarus: Eyes That Never Lie, download the mixes
Sweden: La Voix Du Nord, new album, acoustic version.
Germany: Heart 4 Sale, album out now, Hasselhoff covers MKKB
France: Kaas Live DVD and general world domination news
Lithuania: Sasha's Love cdsingle, updated info on versions
Romania: The Balkan Girls, Elena Album, details on 2nd cdsingle.
Slovakia: Fly through the darkness, Three cdsingles.
Latvia: Busulis stuck in the semi due to Traffic Jam, updates
Israel: Noa and Mira's joint CD out, another version of TMBAW.
Montenegro: Remixes, cdsingle but no final, updated
Poland: Lidia may not wanna leave...., updated
Macedonia: No final thanks to jury, promo info, updated
Moldova: Feisty Nelly's Many Mixes Sorted!
Portugal: Flor De Lis, promo info
Ukraine: Anti Crisis Girl , 150 remixes, album release
Ireland: Sinead and Black Daisy cdsingle, demo versions info
Estonia: Urban Symphony take Estonia out of the semi's
United Kingdom: cdsingle finally released in the U.K.
Greece: Sakis Rouvas - This Is Our Night CD release
Albania: Kejsi Tola, Kërry Më Into Your Drëams
Croatia: Saved by the jury, promo info
Malta: What If We promo info
Finland: Waldo lost control a bit, cdsingle & album
Andorra: Susanne Georgi cdsingle out now
Belgium: Copycat releases, magazine
Serbia: Many versions of Cipela didn't save Marko from the jury
Cyprus: Lights out for Firefly
Hungary: Fashion Police puts stop to place in final for Zoli
Slovenia: Love Symphony cdsingle
Georgia: Out but still groovin'

2 Iceland - Is It True? - Yohanna

2 - 218 pts / 1 - 174 in semi 1

Icelands entry Is It True? by Yohanna (Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir) won the first semi and ended 2nd in the final. It equals Icelands best result from 1999 when Selma ended 2nd with All Out Of Luck.
At 18 Jóhanna is a relative newcomer to the Icelandic music scene but in true Icelandic tradition she has recorded some songs for childrens cds as a young teen.
Her debut album Butterflies and Elvis was released in 2008. (see below)

Yohanna also has a MySpace with tracks from her debut album.
Listen to Is It True? and all other Icelandic contenders at the RÚV Söngvakeppni page.
You can also listen to the original demo version by Tinatin here at reverbnation and read all about it at Tinatins MySpace blog.

There was a little discrepancy with the songwriting credits, but in the end it was all a storm in a glass of Vodka and all has been solved amicably.
BTR Radio follows the Moscow adventures of co-composer Tinatin (see below) and the Icelandic delegation. Tinatin is a DJ at the station and there will be daily reports and pictures at the BTR site. Also check out Tinatin's Russkiy In The Mix radio shows with the latest in Russian Dance & Pop.
Also check out the Iceland blog at the Eurovision family.
The promo kit for Moscow features a 1-track promo cd (pic below) and a dvd.

The picture on top is another 1-track cdsingle issue.*

The DVD-rom disc in the presskit has five versions as mp3:
Is It True? - English
Is It True? - English/French
Is It True? - English/German
Is It True? - English/Russian
Is It True? - English/Spanish

These versions only have the second verse in the 'foreign' language, the rest of the song, including refrains, is in English.

So these are different versions from the foreign language versions that are on the Yohanna YouTube channel. I don't think the full foreign language version have been released anywhere else.
A remix of Is It True has now been officially released on the compilation CD Somarstjörnur 2009. This various artists album includes Icelandic summer tracks also including preselection song Got No Love by Elektra in an acoustic version and a new track by Hera Björk
The digital release is at Tónlist, the album is issued by Hands Up Music.

- versions -
Is It True? - Eurovision version - 1 track cds & promo ♫
Is It True? - First version - on CD Söngvakeppni 2009
Is It True? - demo by Tinatin
Si tu sais - French version
Я не сплю - Russian version
Si te vas - Spanish version
War Es Nur - German version
Is It True? - remix - on CD Somarstjörnur 2009
Is It True? (live) - short live version on CD Latabæjarhátíð í Höllinni. This is a concert of the Icelandic version of kids TV show Lazytown at which Johanna guests.

plus the mixed language version mentioned above

1 track CDsingle
* The one track cdsingle (top pic) was issued in a CD-case prior to the contest (No label). The same picture sleeve is used for the 1-track cdsingle in cardsleeve released in Sweden (Lionheart Universal, LHICDS -0125, limited). (now at BeaRecords)
Butterflies and Elvis
new: Butterflies and Elvis, Yohanna's 2008 album is released in Sweden and Norway on July 15, now including Is It True? as the first track.
(Warner Sweden WMS 5540229)
Finland top 20: 4, 6, 15, -
Norway top 20: 12, 3, 11, -
Switzerland top 100: 74, 9, 52, -
Denmark top 40: 21, 16, -
Sweden top 60: 3, 2, 7, 3, 3, 3, 5, 7, 17, 13, 17, 15, 16, 20, 24, 31, 37, -, 49, -, 33, 41
Ireland top 40: 28, -
Belgium (Flemish charts): 36, 23, -
U.K. top 100: 49, -

The CD with all Icelandic preselection songs (pictured) including Yohanna's
first version of the winner is out now (Sena SCD 425)
The CD is available at BeaRecords. or digitally at Tónlist.
Meanwhile: Tinatins Thinking of Someone Else 4-track EP is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster and other major international digital outlets throughout the US, UK and Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Coverversion 2010
South African singer Lee Scott recorded Is It True in Afrikaans as Wens Ek Kon on his CD Die Enigste Manier (EMI South Africa).

The album also features coverversions of Fairytale (Norway) and What If We (Malta).
It's available at Kalahari.

3 Azerbaijan - Always - AySel & Arash

3 - 207 pts / 2 - 180 in semi 2
The second Azerbaijan Eurovision entry is Always by AySel (Aysel Teymurzadədir) and Arash. The song is written by Arash. Arash is Swedish hitmaker from Iranian descent. He scored a #1 hit in Sweden with Boro Boro in 2004 and 4 further top 20 hits. His most recent album is Dunya from 2008.
The song Always is released by Warner Music Sweden. You can watch can listen at Warner Musics YouTube channel.

The cdsingle is out since 15/4 in Sweden (Warner WMS 5375722) and later in Germany (WEA 5051865375722) and Turkey (Balet plak 5051865375722).
All have the same two tracks.
Always - radio version / single version
Always - Payami remix

You can still watch the Always video at Arash Website.
The Aysel and Arash website is discontinued

The Moscow promo (pic below) is a DVD with videos and the single versions as audio tracks.

Always enters the Swedish charts at #41 in Eurovision week, to 5, 3, 4, 12, 12, 13, 25, 41, 45, 51, 51
In Norway (top 20) Always spends 1 week at #18.
In the Swiss charts (top 100) : 98, -
German top 100: 96, -

Always - Eurovision version ♫ only on Oslo 2010 CD
Always - first version - was on Warners Youtube channel
Always - radio version - on cdsingle
Always - Payami remix - on cdsingle
Promo kit
The cdsingle (top picture) is available in the Swedish shops and at BeaRecords

Donya Deluxe
Arash has re-issued his latest album Donya. The new Deluxe edition now features Azerbaijan entry Always (single version & Payami remix). The album also includes Arash' follow up single with Lumidee Kandi and last years hit Donya with Shaggy and several remixes.
(Warner Sweden WMS 5375128 )

Arash website


4 Turkey - Düm Tek Tek - Hadise

4 - 177 pts / 2 - 172 in semi 1
TRT appointed Hadise to represent Turkey in Moscow. Hadise was born in Belgium and started her career with an Idols participation. Next to being a star in Turkey, she scored six hits in Belgium prior to her Düm Tek Tek # 1 hit. -

Düm Tek Tek releases
A 1-track cd single is out in Belgium, possibly promo cds exist (Capitol EMI 6984782). But also beware of fake promo's being offered for sale. -

In Turkey a 5-track cdsingle is released by Pasaj Müsik.
It includes Düm Tek Tek and four other songs. (Pasaj Müsik 420611149).
The TRT promo is a 1 track cd and dvd in fold out powder compact sleeve with mirror. (pic below) The dvd has lyrics, bio and photos but no videoclip.

Hadise #1
Düm Tek Tek enters the Belgian (Flemish) sales charts at #36, drops off the chart the next week, and re-enters at # 1 in the week of the physical cds release. In the Walloon Belgian charts she enters the top 40 at # 40)
BE-FL: 36, -, 1, 1, 6, 1, 2, 3, 3, 11, 16, 19, 30, 34, 40, 45,-
BE-W: 40, 24, -, 36, 33, -, 27, -
Sweden top 60: 14, 12, 34, -
Switzerland top 100: 73, -
Germany top 100: 69, -
Netherlands top 100: 99, -
Japan Tokio Hot 100: 91, 53, 40, 48, 36, 43, 53, 90, -
Japan Singles Top 100: 61, 48, 21, 30, 91, -
In the U.K. DTT reached #127.

An album release Fast Life is out now, it has the radio version and a new remix of Düm Tek Tek.
Fast Life is now also released in Taiwan on EMI (96508022) where she's known as 荷黛絲. (See below for Japanese edition)
The Turkish Hadise album Kahraman (Pasaj müsik) is out now. It features Düm Tek Tek, the remix and a new acoustic version of the song.
- versions -
Düm Tek Tek - Eurovision version ♫
Düm Tek Tek - first version
Düm Tek Tek - second version
- In the 1st preview version she sings This is the greatest story of all time, in the 2nd preview version This is the greatest story of all times around the 0:25 mark. There are also differences in the instrumental break at around 2:15. (Thanks Joris!)
Düm Tek Tek - Suat Atesdagli and Yalcin Asan project club mix - on CDs Fast Life and Kahraman
Düm Tek Tek - Acoustic - CD Kahraman
Düm Tek Tek - DJ Szabad remix - 2012 release Belly Dance Music vol. 1.
Many other remixes are floating on the net, even some by professional DJ's, but so far none has been confirmed as official. http://www.hadisemusic.com/ is up and running now. -

Hadise In Japan
Düm Tek Tek is released in Japan on a 4 track cdsingle (August 5) The cdsingle includes two versions of Düm Tek Tek and two of My Body. The cds is titled Hitonatsu No Dun Teku Teku (ひと夏のドゥン☆テク☆テク) and Hadise is spelled ハディセ. Digital release is available through several outlets.
Düm Tek Tek already enters the Tokio hot 100 at # 91, to 53, 40, 48, 36. In the Kiss FM (Kobe) chart Hadise has been #2 and she also charts in other FM Airplay charts.

The cdsingle is available at CDJapan (best shipping prices to Europe as far as I know).HMV Japan also sells it internationally.

Tracklist cds in Japanese (EMI Japan TOCP40193)
1-1 ひと夏のドゥン☆テク☆テク (Düm tek tek)
1-2 マイ・ボディ (My Body)
1-3 ひと夏のドゥン☆テク☆テク(クラブ・リミックス= Club remix)
1-4 マイ・ボディ(クラブ・リミックス)
Special thanks to Tom K. for this one. Watch an amazing commercial at Youtube or see a great special at EMI Japan here.
Also check out Hadise's Japanese blog
The video with Japanese subtitles is here at the EMI Japan Youtube channel.
Hadise visited Japan for promotion early September, followed by the Japanese release of the Fast Life CD. (which is re-titled Hadise).
The Japanese edition has 14 tracks (extra tracks: My Body & A Good Kiss) and three videos including Düm Tek Tek. Expected on October 7.

Hadise updates 2010
New York
Hadise performed in New York on the 22nd of may. A special website Hadise New York is lauched.
Hadise's Düm Tek Tek has also been picked up in Indonesia. Just like in Japan, the DTT ringtones sells like hotcakes. Warner Indonesia have released album titled Hadise to coincide with Hadises visit to Indonesia in June 2010. The Hadise album has the same tracks as the Japanese edition (including DTT and DTT the club mix)

Andriette Norman from South Africa has recorded an Afrikaans version of the song titled Dum Tekk Tekk. It's out on her new CD Dink Aan My which is out on Sony Music South Africa since October 12. Listen to an excerpt here.
2010 Simo ft. Hasna from Morocco have recorded a new version of Düm Tek Tek in Arabic and French. It can be found on the album Rai 2010 Platinum Hit Parade II (Youtube)
Shehla Gul from Pakistan has recorded a version in the Sindhi language titled Chup Chup Chup. Watch the video here.

Each year several Eurovision entries make it to hits compilation CDs. Quite odd is the choice for Düm Tek Tek on the 3CD De Grootste Barbecue Hits Ooit (The greatest BBQ hits ever) from Belgium.
So now you know you can safely do the Düm Tek Tek while roasting your ribs and flipping the burgers.
DTT will also be included on the Swedish 2CD Absolute Summer Hits 2009 along with Fairytale (Norway), Is It True (Iceland), It's My Time (U.K.), Always (Azerbaijan) and Lose Control (Finland)

Watch Düm Tek Tek at TRT news (scroll down) or listen at Hadise's re-launched website. -
Special thanks to Mustafa Gursoy and the people at TRT and to Josep, Lior and Joris

5 United Kingdom - It's My Time - Jade

5 - 173 pts, not in semi It's My Time is written by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Diane Warren. The song was released on cdsingle in the U.K. on May 18th on Polydor (2703204) . (Original release date way May 4th).
Jade entered the UK charts at #50 on May 17 (on downloads alone)
The U.K. cdsingle has the original version and instrumental

While the British have to wait until after the contest to get their hands on a a Jade cdsingle, in Russia a cdsingle of It's My Time is given away with the Russian OK Magazine. The magazine also has an interview with Jade. -

Promo Geffen (Universal) JADE2 (pic right) has 1 track. -
-A Polydor / Geffen promo cd-r features 4 versions of the song:
It's My Time - Digital Dog Radio Edit
It's My Time - Original
It's My Time - Digital Dog Dub
It's My Time - Digital Dog Club Mix
The Digital Dog Radio Edit can also be found on the Russian compilation CD The Best West Hits 2009 (Universal 900 4857) which also includes winner Fairytale
♫ - For the Official Moscow Eurovision CD version the outro with the last vocal acrobatics has been cut. And it wasn't done nicely. -

Jade Ewen has her own MySpace, where you can listen to It's My Time.
Jade Ewen website is now open, you can make your own remix of It's My Time.
U.K. top 100: (103), 50, 27, out
Sweden top 60: 34, 40, -
Switzerland top 100: 75, -
Germany top 100: 74
A coverversion for the clubs is released by Almighty Divas. A 4-track promo is issued (Almighty Records ALMY 246) and digital release will follow soon.
Another (definitely better) release is by Clubkidz Featuring Sam Solace. This one also includes 4 dance mixes of Jades Eurovision entry

2010 update: Taiwanese singer Lin Yu Chun, (林育羣) participant of the One Million Stars talent show recorded It's My Time for his debut album also titled It's My Time. (Sony Taiwan)
Lin Yu Chun website has audio excerpts.
Thanks to Joris for posting.

A cheap copy of It's My Time can be found on the digital album Music From: MOBO Awards 2009, where the song is credited to Audio Idols.
The BBC has a Eurovision page, but video content doesn't work outside the U.K. -
Special Thanks to Universal Music Netherlands

6 Estonia - Rändajad - Urban Symphony

6 - 129 pts / 3 - 115 in semi 2 Urban Symphony took Estonia to the final for the first time since the introduction of the semi final(s) and finished at a very respectable 6th place.
The cdsingle does not have the same tracks as the earlier digital release. It features two tracks:
Rändajad - Radio version = Eurovision version ♫
Rändajad - Lazy drumbeat mix
(Moonwalk records LC 19209, available at BeaRecords)
The Lazy drumbeat mix is a new remix, different from the digital release below.

Finland top 20: 10, 14
Sweden top 60: 19, 14, 59
Switzerland top 100: 86, -
The digital release features 4 versions and is released by Moonwalk Records
Rändajad - Eurovision vers.♫
Rändajad - Acoustic
Rändajad - Club mix edit
Rändajad - Club Mix Extended
Digital release is available at U-Pop and Beatnet (Estonia only)
Rändajad - first version, originally available at the ETV site. (more bongo's in the mix)
Watch the Rändajad video here. Or listen on the record company's MySpace.
Listen to all Estonian selection songs including the winner at the ETV site (kist under Kuula laule)
Special thanks to Tiiu Simm at ETV.

7 Greece - This Is Our Night - Sakis Rouvas

7 - 120 pts / 4 - 110 in semi 2
1 track promo
The first artist appointed for Eurovision 2009 was Sakis Rouvas (Σάκης Ρουβάς) for Greece. He has been recording since the early 90's but in Eurovisionland he is best known for Eurovision hit Shake It (2004), the song that gave Greece its best result to that date (3rd) and spent a year on the Greek charts (and reached # 1 of course).
Greece won the contest in 2005 and Sakis went on to host the show in Athens in 2006.-
His most recent (and 12th) album is Irthis (Ήρθες) released on EMI / Minos last december.

The cdsingle of This Is Our Night was expected to be released in Europe by EMI, but it didn't happen.
The Moscow promo set (top pic) has a 1 track cdsingle and a DVD with videos and photos.
A seperate 1-track promo was also issued.
This Is Our Night - The Album
Sakis' new edition of the album Irthis is re-titled This Is Our Night  and now includes his Eurovision entry and his other preselection songs. The pre- songs Out Of Control and Right On Time also feature in a Greek version but sadly This Is Our Night is only in English on this CD. (Trident EMI 69941320).

Πιο Δυνατά
However, Sakis performed a Greek version Pio Dunata on the Mad TV Music awards.
In november 2009 a promo CD was released including this Greek version.
The album is titled Σπάσε Το Χρόνο (Minos 5099968596289).
It has all (3) Sakis' national final songs in Greek and English plus four other songs. 

Another recent release: CD/DVD set This Is My Live does not include his 2009 Eurovision song, but the DVD has Shake It (Eurovision 2004)


-Sakis homepage in Greek, English and French.
Sakis Rouvas at BeaRecords
Special thanks to Agis Menoutis at ERT-

- versions -
This Is Our Night - Eurovision version ♫
This Is Our Night - Preselection version
Πιο Δυνατά (Pio Dunata) - Greek version

Sakis enters the Swedish top 60 at #30 to 43, -

8 France - Et S'il Fallait Le Faire - Patricia Kaas

8 - 107 pts, not in semi Chanteuse Extraordinaire Patricia Kaas took France back into the top 10 with the song Et S'il Fallait Le Faire. The song was first released on her 2008 CD Kabaret. A new version is recorded/edited for Eurovision. 1-track promo's are issued in different sleeves. A 2-track commercial cdsingle (pic below) with the Eurovision version and another track Une Dernière Fois. is released by Mercury / Universal music France.
Two further promo's exist, both have the original album version and were issued before Eurovision.
There's also a one track promo from Poland.

Patricia Kaas in the French top 100: 41, 56, 45, 48, 57, 64, 77, 79, -, 83, 99, 85, 85, 80, -, 87, 76

A third version of the song is released on the special edition of Kabaret: Kabaret En Studio Et Sur Scene includes a bonus live disc featuring songs recorded at her world tour, one being the Eurovision entry.
- versions -
Et S'il Fallait Le Faire - Eurovision version - promo cds and ♫
Et S'il Fallait Le Faire - Album version - on CD Kabaret and several promo's
Et S'il Fallait Le Faire - Live version - on CD Kabaret En Studio Et Sur Scene

CD Kabaret (Tour de Charme / Brifo 1708003)
CD Kabaret En Studio Et Sur Scene (Universal)
The regular Russian edition of Kabaret has a bonus track Mne Nravitsya (in Russian).
new: A special Russian edition has 4 bonus tracks and a DVD with 5 videos including Et S'Il Fallait Le Faire and a documentary about Patricia's Kaas' Russian tour.

German edition (Sony) has bonus track September Song (in English) and two tracks in a German version: Wo Sind Die Clowns und Glück Kennt Nur Minuten. A limited edition from Germany exclusively sold in Karstadt shops has 14 tracks . Another bonus track Hard Work is only available through Amazon and some digital releases. I'm not 100% up to date with all tracklist variations as some issues have hidden tracks.
In Canada Kabaret is released on Disques Artic, In June the album will be released in Romania, Turkey (Sony) and South Korea.

Kabaret dvds
A live dvd Kabaret has been released (Universal 5317944) which includes the live version of the Eurovision song. As a bonus there is a videoclip of the slbum version of Et S'il Fallait Le Faire.
In september a live CD/DVD set isreleased in Germany with the same dvd and the live CD of the above mentioned double CD. (Sony, september 25)
In the coming months the Kabaret live show will be broadcasted on TV in Greece, Finland, Sweden and Taiwan.

Fred Blondin version
Co-writer Fred Blondin released Et S'il Fallait Le Faire on his 2014 CD Tiroir Songs (Atlantide ATL 14-001)
Composer version CD

http://www.patriciakaas.net/ & http://www.patriciakaas.net/eurovision2009/
Patricia Kaas at BeaRecords, now has also has the cdsingle in stock.

Special Thanks to Edouard Dugois at Talent Sorcier