Saturday, May 16, 2009

Switzerland - The Highest Heights - Lovebugs

14 - 15 pts in semi 1

The Lovebugs Eurovision entry is the title track to their 11th! album The Highest Heights (Gadget 0081396) The cdsingle is out now on Gadget records. (Gadget 0084660)

Tracklist cdsingle:
The Highest Heights - Radio version
Exit (other song) - Album version

The press kit in dvd case has another cdsingle + a promo version of the album.
This cdsingle has four versions of The Highest Heights
The Highest Heights - Eurovision edit ♫
The Highest Heights - Radio edit
The Highest Heights - Album version
The Highest Heights - Eurovision edit instrumental
+ videoclip and press information
cds: Gadget, no numbers / album: Gadget 0081396pho

The first single from the album was 21st Century Man.
To buy the album (outside Switzerland) please contact
Listen to their more of their music at their MySpace
Lovebugs MySpace has the single version

The Highest Heights in the Swiss Charts: 74, 83, 82, 78, 83, -, 96, 25 (finally!!), 31, 67, 81, 95, -
In Sweden they spend one week at #57.
The album is more successfull reaching #2 in the Swiss album charts.
November 2009: The Highest Heights (single version) is one of the 20 tracks released on the Lovebugs Best Of CD Only Forever. The CD features their most popular tracks and two brand new tracks. (Gadget 0081415)

Special thanks to Therese Grasdal at Gadget records.

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