Saturday, May 16, 2009

Slovenia - Love Symphony - Quartissimo ft. Martina

16 - 14 pts in semi 2

At the contest the song was performed in a Slovenian/English mix.

Quartissimo is a string quartet and their Love Symphony originally an instrumental track. For Eurovision lyrics were added and singer Martina Majerle was hired. A new version was made for Eurovision.

The cdsingle (RTS Sazas 111082) has the following tracks:
1. Love Symphony – (new) English version ♫
2. Simfonija – (new) Slovenian version
3. Love Symphony – orchestral version
4. Love Symphony – karaoke
5. Love Symphony – Classical instrumental version
6. Trip To Balkan for symphony orchestra and string quartet (Rok Golob)
+ video and multimedia presentation
The promo version used in Moscow does not have track 6.

The cdsingle comes in a plastic (jewel) case, the promo in a gatefold paper sleeve.

- other versions -
Love Symphony -original English - on EMA CD
Ljubezenska Simfonija - first Slovenian version - unreleased, has been available on the net

EMA winner Love Symphony by Quartissimo is available with all 20 preselections songs on the CD EMA 2009. The CD also includes the 2009 songs by Eurovision stars Omar Naber and Karmen Stavec. The CD is available at BeaRecords. (RTS Sazas 110986)
Quartissimo homepage
Special thanks to Miha

Quartissimo should not be confused with the German string quartet of the same name

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