Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moscow 2009 - The latest news

Norway: Fairytale: French version, Russian version out now., 2017 version
Armenia: New album for the Arshakyan Sisters
Switzerland: cdsingle, album info, update, Best Of album out now
Turkey: Japan and Taiwan releases, Afrikaans coverversion of DTT
Denmark: Brinck promo, Afrikaans coverversion video, Dutch cover by Topper.
Netherlands: Toppers In Concert CD out now, DVD to follow, exit Gordon.
Czech Republic: Aven Romale promo info, see them live in Belgium
Iceland: Yohanna 2nd in final, Swedish releases, remix out now
Bulgaria: Krassimirs Illusion, cdsingle & album out now
Spain: Soraya, new cdsingle, remix, mutant coverversion
Russia: Anastasiya's Mamo remixes online now
Bosnia-Hercegovina: Bistra Voda - Bosnian, English, Russian, CD
Azerbaijan: Always at #3, Album re-issue info
Belarus: Eyes That Never Lie, download the mixes
Sweden: La Voix Du Nord, new album, acoustic version.
Germany: Heart 4 Sale, album out now, Hasselhoff covers MKKB
France: Kaas Live DVD and general world domination news
Lithuania: Sasha's Love cdsingle, updated info on versions
Romania: The Balkan Girls, Elena Album, details on 2nd cdsingle.
Slovakia: Fly through the darkness, Three cdsingles.
Latvia: Busulis stuck in the semi due to Traffic Jam, updates
Israel: Noa and Mira's joint CD out, another version of TMBAW.
Montenegro: Remixes, cdsingle but no final, updated
Poland: Lidia may not wanna leave...., updated
Macedonia: No final thanks to jury, promo info, updated
Moldova: Feisty Nelly's Many Mixes Sorted!
Portugal: Flor De Lis, promo info
Ukraine: Anti Crisis Girl , 150 remixes, album release
Ireland: Sinead and Black Daisy cdsingle, demo versions info
Estonia: Urban Symphony take Estonia out of the semi's
United Kingdom: cdsingle finally released in the U.K.
Greece: Sakis Rouvas - This Is Our Night CD release
Albania: Kejsi Tola, Kërry Më Into Your Drëams
Croatia: Saved by the jury, promo info
Malta: What If We promo info
Finland: Waldo lost control a bit, cdsingle & album
Andorra: Susanne Georgi cdsingle out now
Belgium: Copycat releases, magazine
Serbia: Many versions of Cipela didn't save Marko from the jury
Cyprus: Lights out for Firefly
Hungary: Fashion Police puts stop to place in final for Zoli
Slovenia: Love Symphony cdsingle
Georgia: Out but still groovin'

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