Saturday, May 16, 2009

Andorra - La Teva Decisió - Susanne Georgi

15 - 8 pts in semi 1

The cdsingle is released by Picap records (Picap 910797-05) and includes three versions:
La Teva Decisió/ Get A Life - Catalan/English Eurovision v. ♫
Get A Life - English version
Get A Life RMX - Andorran Midnight Club Remix (in English)
The cdsingle is available through Actual records and BeaRecords and in the shops in Andorra & Catalonia.
The original version in Catalan only is not on the cdsingle

The final version of La Teva Decisió is available for download at
La Teva Decisió - demo version in Catalan is still available at the same website.

Danish born Susanne Georgi is a member of Me & My (with her sister Pernille) who scored a world wide hit with Dub I Dub. They were also Big In Japan where they sold over 2 million records.Me & My tried in the Danish national selection of 2007 with Two Are Stronger Than One.
Susanne also announced the Danish votes that year in Helsinki. Me & My released their hits on the CD The Ultimate Collection in 2007. has more info and you can download all (3) preselection songs under downloads. The site is in Catalan and English.
Susanne Georgi Myspace.

La Teva Decisió enters the Spanish singles (physical sales only) top 20 at #10. and re-enters after 4 weeks at # 19 (for one week)

As a bit of a Eurovision tradition, Andorran entries spend a some time in the Spanish physical singles sales top 20
2004 - Jugarem A Estimar-nos - Marta Roure - #10/2 weeks
2005 - La Mirada Interior - Marian van de Wal - (unreleased, promo only)
2006 - Sense Tu - Jenny - 4/3
2007 - Salvem Al Món - Anonymous - 3/3
2008 - Casanova - Gisela - 2/4
2009 - La Teva Decisió - Susanne Georgi - 10/2
Note this chart does not include downloads and not many cdsingles are released in Spain.

Special thanks to Meritxell Picart at RTVASA

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