Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Latest At The Moscow Collection

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France: Kaas Live DVD and general world domination news, Composer version 2014
Serbia: Many versions of Cipela didn't save Marko from the jury, 2018 version out now
Bulgaria: Krassimirs Illusion, cdsingle and album out now, updated
Norway: Fairytale: French version, Russian version out now, back in the charts, 2017 duet version
Greece: Sakis Rouvas - This Is Our Night CD release, Greek version updates
Georgia: Out but still groovin' album for Stephane 3G.
United Kingdom: Jade cdsingle finally released in the U.K.  It's my 林育羣
Finland: Waldo lost control a bit, cdsingle and album.  coverversions from South Africa
Armenia: New album for the Arshakyan Sisters
Switzerland: cdsingle, album info, update, Best Of album out now
Turkey: Japan and Taiwan releases, Afrikaans coverversion of DTT
Denmark: Brinck promo, Afrikaans coverversion video, Dutch cover by Topper, Ronan Keating releases own version
Portugal: Flor De Lis, promo info, 2010 CD for Flor De Lis
Netherlands: Toppers In Concert CD out now, DVD to follow, exit Gordon.
Czech RepublicAven Romale promo info, see them live in Belgium
Iceland: Yohanna 2nd in final, Swedish releases, remix out now
Spain: Soraya, new cdsingle, remix, mutant coverversion
Russia: Anastasiya's Mamo remixes online now
2011 The Düsseldorf Collection launched
Bosnia-HercegovinaBistra Voda - Bosnian, English, Russian, CD
AzerbaijanAlways at #3, Album re-issue info
Belarus: Eyes That Never Lie, download the mixes
SwedenLa Voix Du Nord, new album, acoustic version, Kirkorov cover
GermanyHeart 4 Sale, album out now, Hasselhoff covers MKKB
Lithuania: Sasha's Love cdsingle, updated info on versions
RomaniaThe Balkan Girls, Elena Album, details on 2nd cdsingle.
SlovakiaFly through the darkness, Three cdsingles.
Latvia: Busulis stuck in the semi due to Traffic Jam, updates
Oslo Collection 2010 lauched
Israel: Noa and Mira's joint CD out, another version of TMBAW.
Montenegro: Remixes, cdsingle but no final, updated
Poland: Lidia may not wanna leave...., updated
Macedonia: No final thanks to jury, promo info, updated
Moldova: Feisty Nelly's Many Mixes Sorted!
Ukraine: Anti Crisis Girl , 150 remixes, album release
Ireland: Sinead and Black Daisy cdsingle, demo versions info
Estonia: Urban Symphony take Estonia out of the semi's
Albania: Kejsi Tola, Kërry Më Into Your Drëams
Croatia: Saved by the jury, promo info
MaltaWhat If We promo info
Andorra: Susanne Georgi cdsingle out now
BelgiumCopycat releases, magazine
Cyprus: Lights out for Firefly
Hungary: Fashion Police puts stop to place in final for Zoli
SloveniaLove Symphony cdsingle

Many Thanks to Bea and Arnold, Rick, Josep, Micke, Lior and Frederick and all others who sent info or comments
Special Thanks to the artists, delegations and record-companies who were so kind to send material and information.

You will find chart results of the Eurovision entries in each entries post. I only include music charts that are based on sales. (physical and/or download)
A great place to check the charts is Charts All Over The World

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