Sunday, May 17, 2009

11 Russia - Mamo - Anastasya Prikhodko

11 - 91 pts, not in semi
Анастасия Приходько - Мамo
The promo cd-rom has the Eurovision version, video and multimedia.

The song was first entered in the Ukrainian selection, but it didn't make it to the final.
Mamo was added to the already troubled Russian selection just two days before their final.
Prikhodko sangthe song in a mix of Russian and Ukrainian at Eurovision.

2012 Album
Update: Mamo is included on Anastasia's 2012 album Zazhdalas (Заждалась, Tired of waiting). The album features the short Ukrainian version. (Moon records)

- versions -
Mamo - Eurovision version in Russian/Ukrainian ♫
Мамо - Original Ukrainian version - on website
Мамо - Ukrainian version edit - on 2012 album Zazhdalas
Mamo - Radio Remix - on website
Mamo - Extended Remix - on website
- a.k.a. Amagama Venetu radio and extended remix
Mamo - Full latin Remix - on website
All remixes are in Ukrainian only On the website you can listen the Eurovision version and the Ukrainian version of Mamo. If you scroll down in the list of music you can also find the two remixes. Other songs are also available. (last checked 12-06)

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