Saturday, May 16, 2009

18 Croatia - Lijepa Tena - Igor Cukrov with Andrea Šušnjara

18 - 45 pts / 13 - 33 in semi 2*
A promo cds is issed on Tonika records / Croatia records (UCD 5823759) which has three tracks:

Lijepa Tena - Eurovision version - on promo cds ♫
Bella Tena (a.k.a. Tena Linda) - Spanish version - on promo cds
Lijepa Tena - Instrumental - on promo cds

Lijepa Tena - original version - on Dora CD

The original version of Lijepa Tena is available on the CD Dora'09, a compilation of all national final entries of the Croatian selection (Dora). It's out on Croatia Records.
HRT Dora Website

* This was the jury choice in the 2nd semi final.

Special thanks to Zvonimir Mamic at HRT press.

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