Sunday, May 17, 2009

3 Azerbaijan - Always - AySel & Arash

3 - 207 pts / 2 - 180 in semi 2
The second Azerbaijan Eurovision entry is Always by AySel (Aysel Teymurzadədir) and Arash. The song is written by Arash. Arash is Swedish hitmaker from Iranian descent. He scored a #1 hit in Sweden with Boro Boro in 2004 and 4 further top 20 hits. His most recent album is Dunya from 2008.
The song Always is released by Warner Music Sweden. You can watch can listen at Warner Musics YouTube channel.

The cdsingle is out since 15/4 in Sweden (Warner WMS 5375722) and later in Germany (WEA 5051865375722) and Turkey (Balet plak 5051865375722).
All have the same two tracks.
Always - radio version / single version
Always - Payami remix

You can still watch the Always video at Arash Website.
The Aysel and Arash website is discontinued

The Moscow promo (pic below) is a DVD with videos and the single versions as audio tracks.

Always enters the Swedish charts at #41 in Eurovision week, to 5, 3, 4, 12, 12, 13, 25, 41, 45, 51, 51
In Norway (top 20) Always spends 1 week at #18.
In the Swiss charts (top 100) : 98, -
German top 100: 96, -

Always - Eurovision version ♫ only on Oslo 2010 CD
Always - first version - was on Warners Youtube channel
Always - radio version - on cdsingle
Always - Payami remix - on cdsingle
Promo kit
The cdsingle (top picture) is available in the Swedish shops and at BeaRecords

Donya Deluxe
Arash has re-issued his latest album Donya. The new Deluxe edition now features Azerbaijan entry Always (single version & Payami remix). The album also includes Arash' follow up single with Lumidee Kandi and last years hit Donya with Shaggy and several remixes.
(Warner Sweden WMS 5375128 )

Arash website


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