Saturday, May 16, 2009

Out: Georgia - We Don't Wanna Put In - Stephane & 3G

სტეფანე და 3G - Originally titled Put In Disco
The EBU has rejected the Georgian song for it's political content. Georgia should either compromise or surrender. Georgia does neither and will not make changes to the song.
Georgia was not included in the draw, so they're out of the competition.

Georgia had decided on the (fabulous) disco stomper We Don't Wanna Put In (Put In Disco) by Stephane and 3G. (see below for more).
Check out Stephane and 3g's website.

Promo's and releases
Contrary to various reports, there is no physical release available anywhere yet.

But two promo's are going round:
A 4 track promo has:
We Don't Wanna Put In - radio version
We Don't Wanna Put In - 7th heaven Radio edit
We Don't Wanna Put In - 7th Heaven Club mix
We Don't Wanna Put In - 7th Heaven Dub
The disc is labelled TBC TV (SBM 002) but I have no details on its origin.
The Club mix is also on the DJ CD DJ Pool May 2009.

A 1-track promo has:
We Don't Wanna Put In - Georgian remix
The disc is labelled TBC TV, but I have no details on its origin

All 5 tracks from the above promos are now available as iTunes downloads (U.K.) (Thanks Tom K.!)

In 2010 Stephane and 3G released their album We Don't Wanna Put In (top picture). It's available now at Bearecords. You can pre-listen some tracks at the Stephane 3G website. (top pic = album sleeve)
The album includes two versions of the dismissed Eurovision entry.

Digital single artwork

Georgia loves disco, in their debut year 2007 they awarded the maximum 12 points to Belgium's Love Power (by the KMG's), a 70's disco tune that only got 14 more points from the other 40+ countries and didn't make it to the final.

You can listen to / Download all preselection including the winner songs from Georgia at The site's a bit slow but the songs are in high quality VBR

You can also watch the National Final video in good quality (well, with the studio version dubbed over it).

Politics and Eurovision, don't you just love it. The tongue in cheek reference to Not Wanning Putin caused a stir in the press and amongst Eurovision fans (well, some of them)

Georgia first decided not to go to Moscow because of the 2008 South Ossetia war with host country Russia but was convinced by EBU to participate anyway.
The song would never have remained in tact for Eurovision as the EBU have sort of strict-ish rules for politics. (ie: Politics only in the voting please)

The Georgian 2008 entry was titled Peace Will Come.

Thanks to Stephane & 3G

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