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13 Denmark - Believe Again - Brinck

13 - 74 pts / 8 - 69 in semi 1
Believe Again by (Niels) Brinck won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix.
The song is written by Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Møller Larsson and Boyzoner Ronan Keating.
The Eurovision edit of Believe Again is available on the album with all Danish preselection songs DMGP 2009 (My Way Music M 20169-2). It also includes karaoke versions of all songs.

The album edit of Believe Again is on the re-issue of Brincks CD Brinck which includes three new tracks including the Eurovision entry.

There is a promo cd-rom with Believe Again (Album version), the remix (see versions) and videos and info. (Mermaid Records promo MRPRO005)

Hear Believe Again and the remix at Brinck Myspace or watch his videos at Brincks Youtube channel.

Brinck entered the official Danish Top 40 at#1 with Believe Again: 1, 3, 6, 12, 14, 18, 17, 24, 24, 33, 39 (=1-11) Re-enters in Eurovision week: 30, 4, 13, 27, 28
Believe Again enters the Swedish charts at #44 to 58, -

- versions -
Believe Again (Eurovision ed.)♫
- on DMGP 2009 CD →
Believe Again (album edit)
- CD Brinck, 2009 re-issue
Believe Again (karaoke)
- on DMGP 2009 CD →
Believe Again (Svenstrup and Vendelboe Extended Remix)
- by Sventrup and Svendelboe on cd-rom
Believe Again (Svenstrup and Vendelboe Radio Remix )
- Both Svenstrup and Svendelboe remixes have been released digitally.
The DMGP 2009 album and Brinck album are available at BeaRecords and the usual Scandinavian sources.

22-10-10. Ronan Keating (website) will release his own version of Believe Again as his next single in Australia and New Zealand.

updated:Believe Again is a duet with R'n'B singer Paulini Curuenavuli (website). It will be included on the album Duet, especially created for the Australian/New Zealand market.
The single track is now available from itunes Australia.
You can listen to the song at Soundfiend.

The album will include some previously recorded duets (Lulu, Elton, Cat) alongside new songs with antipodean artists.
The single will be out on November 12 2010. Both album and single will be released exclusively in Australia and New Zealand.

There have been some interesting developments regarding the Afrikaans coverversion of Believe Again.
It turns out four South African singers have recorded the song, but it's Heinz Winckler (picture) who gets the clearance to release the song. His version, Ek Kan Weer In Liefde Glo (I can believe in love again), is released on Wincklers new album with the same title, (his first recordings in Afrikaans) which is out next week.
You can already see the video for the track at Heinz Winckler MySpace. or on his YouTube channel.
The first Afrikaans coverversion of Believe Again was recorded by Henri Alant. The track is called Ek Glo (I believe) and was planned to be on Alant's forthcoming CD (which seems unsure now). Ek Glo is already issued on a 6 track advance promo CD Sal Jy by Artists Warehouse.
Two other artists in the battle for Believe Again are Kobus Muller and Francois Marais.

Another singer from South Africa who has recorded Believe Again is Charl Stone. Charl is a policeman from George (on the south coast). He recorded the song in English for his debut album 'n Nuwe Geur (a new scent). You can listen to this and other tracks at his MySpace. The album is out on

Jeroen van der Boom, one of the Toppers (Dutch entry 2009) has recorded a Dutch version of Believe Again on his new album Verder. The track is titled Weer Geloven. The album is out 21-09 (Red Bullet Music)

Jeroen van der Boom released Weer Geloven as a single on november 20. The cdsingle also includes an acoustic version. In the Christmas week the cdsingle goes to #1 on the Dutch singlessales top 100.

Orianthi Panagharis is an Australian rock singer/guitarist who covers the song in English on her new album Believe (Geffen records). Find out more about her at her website on find out about her Michael Jackson This Is It auditions at Popdirt.
Special thanks to Roy and Songfestivalweblog and Dominique.

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