Saturday, May 16, 2009

Macedonia (F.y.r.o.m.) - Nešto Što Ke Ostane - Next Time

10 - 45 pts in semi 1
Missed the final because of the juries wildcard for Finland.

Next Time (Некст Тајм if you need to) are twin brothers Martin and Stefan Filipovski from Skopje. They just released their debut CD Next Time which includes their debut single and chart hit Ne Veruvam Vo Tebe (I Don’t Believe in You) but Eurovision song Нешто што ќе остане is not on it.

Advance Promo cdsingle (pic below) has three versions:
Nešto Što Ke Ostane - Macedonian (Eurovision) version
Ne dam da te diraju - Serbian version
Something that will remain - English version

A seperate promo DVD on Jovanov records has the videoclip.
A later DVD has three videoclips, of all the language versions plus 4 other songs. (pics on the right 1 track dvd & 3 track dvd)
The Moscow promo (pic above) is a cds/dvd set issued by MRKTV. The cdsingle of this set also has the instrumental version.

MySpace has the English and Serbian versions
Also check out
Get the new versions of the song at MMK, they also have several other preselection songs here

- versions -
Nešto Što Ke Ostane - Eurovision version - cds ♫
The Sweetest Thing That Will Remain - English - cds
Ne Dam Da Te Diraju - Serbian - Недам да те дирају - cds
Nešto Što Ke Ostane - original Macedonian version

Special thanks to Gordana Andrasevska

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