Sunday, May 17, 2009

9 Bosnia Hercegovina - Bistra Voda - Regina

9 - 106 pts / 3 - 125 in semi 1

Bistra Voda was first presented in a special TV show on March 1. You can download the studio version and watch the clip in HD at the Regina homepage.

The first promo cdsingle only has the original Bosnian version. (pictured)
The Moscow promo (cd/dvd set)has the following tracks:
Bistra Voda - Radio edit ♫
Bistra Voda - Karaoke
Bistra Voda - Instrumental
Ясная вода (Yasnaya Voda) - Russian version
Precious Morning - English version
Precious Morning - English Revolution Radio Mix
The dvd has the videoclip, original tv performance and other clips.

The Revolution remix was also recorded in Bosnian, but it's not on the cd.

The Bosnian, English and Russian versions are released on the CD album Vrijeme Je (Music Star production).

Bistra Voda spends two weeks on the Swedish top 60: 25, 37

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