Sunday, May 17, 2009

6 Estonia - Rändajad - Urban Symphony

6 - 129 pts / 3 - 115 in semi 2 Urban Symphony took Estonia to the final for the first time since the introduction of the semi final(s) and finished at a very respectable 6th place.
The cdsingle does not have the same tracks as the earlier digital release. It features two tracks:
Rändajad - Radio version = Eurovision version ♫
Rändajad - Lazy drumbeat mix
(Moonwalk records LC 19209, available at BeaRecords)
The Lazy drumbeat mix is a new remix, different from the digital release below.

Finland top 20: 10, 14
Sweden top 60: 19, 14, 59
Switzerland top 100: 86, -
The digital release features 4 versions and is released by Moonwalk Records
Rändajad - Eurovision vers.♫
Rändajad - Acoustic
Rändajad - Club mix edit
Rändajad - Club Mix Extended
Digital release is available at U-Pop and Beatnet (Estonia only)
Rändajad - first version, originally available at the ETV site. (more bongo's in the mix)
Watch the Rändajad video here. Or listen on the record company's MySpace.
Listen to all Estonian selection songs including the winner at the ETV site (kist under Kuula laule)
Special thanks to Tiiu Simm at ETV.

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