Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Netherlands - Shine - De Toppers

17 - 11 pts in semi 2
The Dutch entry Shine has been released on two cdsingles.
The 1st cdsingle only has 1 track. (EMI 690921).
The 2nd cdsingle has 3 versions (see below) (EMI 6984432)
The new version for Moscow is dubbed 'The New Wave Eurovision 2009 mix' and was remixed by John Marks.

- versions -
Shine - New Wave Eurovision 2009 mix - on 2nd cds ♫
Shine - New Wave Extended mix - on 2nd cds
Shine - Old Skool Mix (= Original version) - on both cdsingles
Shine - Live at Toppers In Concert - on Toppers In Concert CD, see below

Moscow press kit has a cd with the three versions, a dvd with videoclip and Toppers story. If you open the kit lights shine and the songs plays automatically.

Both cdsingles and many other Toppers releases are available at BeaRecords .

The new website is online now, and it plays the new version. You can also watch the new video.

De Toppers are René Froger, Gordon and Jeroen Van Der Boom.
In September 2009 Gordon left De Toppers.
Jeroen Van Der Boom has released a new solo album including a coverversion of the Danish 2009 entry Believe Again
Shine up & down in the Dutch sales top 100: 12, 32, 30, 2, 17, 9, 13, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 7, 12, 82.

Reports of De Toppers planning an extensive tour of Albania are greatly exaggerated.
Toppers In Concert CD & DVD
The 2CD of the June Toppers In Concert shows is out now, It features a live version of Shine plus a Eurovision medley featuring guest Johnny Logan, King Of Eurovision.
The DVD of the show is also out now. (EMI)

Mesjieu Maurice from Limburg (Souther Netherlands) has released a cdsingle with two versions of Shine. One, Schijn is in Dutch, the other one Sjien is in his regional language Limburgian.
Proceeds of the single go to charity, the Toon Hermans foundation which facilitates homes for people with cancer and their relatives. In these home people can get support, meet fellow patients and basically get all the rest and attention possible.
(Marlstone Music CDS 2918)
A festive coverversion titled Sint is released to tie in with the Dutch Sinterklaasfeest (Saint Nicholas, friend of the kids, gives them presents). The act is called de Feestpieten Boyband. The cdsingle will be handed out to visitors of the Sinterklaas Theater events and is also available as a download.

Thanks to Marion Minten from Muziekfreaks Weblog and to Rick

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