Sunday, May 17, 2009

5 United Kingdom - It's My Time - Jade

5 - 173 pts, not in semi It's My Time is written by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Diane Warren. The song was released on cdsingle in the U.K. on May 18th on Polydor (2703204) . (Original release date way May 4th).
Jade entered the UK charts at #50 on May 17 (on downloads alone)
The U.K. cdsingle has the original version and instrumental

While the British have to wait until after the contest to get their hands on a a Jade cdsingle, in Russia a cdsingle of It's My Time is given away with the Russian OK Magazine. The magazine also has an interview with Jade. -

Promo Geffen (Universal) JADE2 (pic right) has 1 track. -
-A Polydor / Geffen promo cd-r features 4 versions of the song:
It's My Time - Digital Dog Radio Edit
It's My Time - Original
It's My Time - Digital Dog Dub
It's My Time - Digital Dog Club Mix
The Digital Dog Radio Edit can also be found on the Russian compilation CD The Best West Hits 2009 (Universal 900 4857) which also includes winner Fairytale
♫ - For the Official Moscow Eurovision CD version the outro with the last vocal acrobatics has been cut. And it wasn't done nicely. -

Jade Ewen has her own MySpace, where you can listen to It's My Time.
Jade Ewen website is now open, you can make your own remix of It's My Time.
U.K. top 100: (103), 50, 27, out
Sweden top 60: 34, 40, -
Switzerland top 100: 75, -
Germany top 100: 74
A coverversion for the clubs is released by Almighty Divas. A 4-track promo is issued (Almighty Records ALMY 246) and digital release will follow soon.
Another (definitely better) release is by Clubkidz Featuring Sam Solace. This one also includes 4 dance mixes of Jades Eurovision entry

2010 update: Taiwanese singer Lin Yu Chun, (林育羣) participant of the One Million Stars talent show recorded It's My Time for his debut album also titled It's My Time. (Sony Taiwan)
Lin Yu Chun website has audio excerpts.
Thanks to Joris for posting.

A cheap copy of It's My Time can be found on the digital album Music From: MOBO Awards 2009, where the song is credited to Audio Idols.
The BBC has a Eurovision page, but video content doesn't work outside the U.K. -
Special Thanks to Universal Music Netherlands

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