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7 Greece - This Is Our Night - Sakis Rouvas

7 - 120 pts / 4 - 110 in semi 2
1 track promo
The first artist appointed for Eurovision 2009 was Sakis Rouvas (Σάκης Ρουβάς) for Greece. He has been recording since the early 90's but in Eurovisionland he is best known for Eurovision hit Shake It (2004), the song that gave Greece its best result to that date (3rd) and spent a year on the Greek charts (and reached # 1 of course).
Greece won the contest in 2005 and Sakis went on to host the show in Athens in 2006.-
His most recent (and 12th) album is Irthis (Ήρθες) released on EMI / Minos last december.

The cdsingle of This Is Our Night was expected to be released in Europe by EMI, but it didn't happen.
The Moscow promo set (top pic) has a 1 track cdsingle and a DVD with videos and photos.
A seperate 1-track promo was also issued.
This Is Our Night - The Album
Sakis' new edition of the album Irthis is re-titled This Is Our Night  and now includes his Eurovision entry and his other preselection songs. The pre- songs Out Of Control and Right On Time also feature in a Greek version but sadly This Is Our Night is only in English on this CD. (Trident EMI 69941320).

Πιο Δυνατά
However, Sakis performed a Greek version Pio Dunata on the Mad TV Music awards.
In november 2009 a promo CD was released including this Greek version.
The album is titled Σπάσε Το Χρόνο (Minos 5099968596289).
It has all (3) Sakis' national final songs in Greek and English plus four other songs. 

Another recent release: CD/DVD set This Is My Live does not include his 2009 Eurovision song, but the DVD has Shake It (Eurovision 2004)


-Sakis homepage in Greek, English and French.
Sakis Rouvas at BeaRecords
Special thanks to Agis Menoutis at ERT-

- versions -
This Is Our Night - Eurovision version ♫
This Is Our Night - Preselection version
Πιο Δυνατά (Pio Dunata) - Greek version

Sakis enters the Swedish top 60 at #30 to 43, -

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