Saturday, May 16, 2009

Serbia - Cipela - Marko Kon & Milaan

10 - 60 pts in semi 2
The jury choice for Croatia pushed Serbia out of the final
Марко Кон и Милан Николић - Ципела
Watch the video here at RTS

2018 version by Milaan
Cipela is recorded in seven languages and there are several additional versions. Check this page at RTS for pictures and audios. Below links have been deleted.

The dance version can be found here at RTS, The trubačka version is here at RTS, the French & Russian versions are here at RTS. The Russian version has a different arrangement at the end when it slows down and speeds up Russian style.
Hebrew, English, Greek and Finnish are
here at RTS
You can see pictures of the promo stuff they're taking to Moscow here at RTS

An early RTS promo cd-r (pic top) has original, karaoke and instrumental (if you're lucky*).
It's a 'home made' cd in picture sleeve (pictured above).

-12 versions on the Moscow promo cdsingle -
Cipela - Original ♫ (= 2nd version)
Cipela - House mix (dance version)
Cipela - Trumpet mix (trubacka version)
Cipela - Sevdah mix
Башмак (Bashmak) - Russian version
Shoe - English version
Godasse - French version
To παπούτσι (a.k.a. Patrikalo) - Greek
Na'al - Hebrew version
Saapas - Finnish version
Cipela - karaoke
Cipela - Multi lingua - European Mix version
The instrumental is not on this cd and neither is the first version (see below).

In 2018 a new instrumental version was released by Milan Nikolic (Milaan)  & Banda on the CD Bravos (PGP RTS CD 419546)

Cipela (Shoe) is available on the CD Beovizija 2009 including all songs from the Serbian national final.
This Cipela version is different from the one on the final (12-track) promo.-The intro is not a fade in like the final version, and the new version has some additional electronic instruments.-

Speaking In Tongues
Language versions have always been a treasured tradition in Eurovision from 1956 on. So far the cobblers from Serbia have the most recorded language versions this year. But it's the very first time a non Israeli entry has been released in Hebrew by the original artist. If Cipela in all its versions gets a proper cd-release the Eurovision Collectors Guide award for being fantastic is in the bag.
Record holder is Latvia's 2004 song Dziesma Par Laimi by Fomins & Kleins which was released in 10 languages (9 on a cdsingle).
Cipela now shares the #2 position with Vicky Leandros' 1972 winner Après Toi and Nicole's 1982 winner Ein Bisschen Frieden which both have been released in 7 languages. (Nicole's Russian version was only performed live (on TV) but no studio version was released.)

Now guys, it's been a while since we had a Japanese version.....
* Mine plays the same 4 seconds over and over and has two empty tracks.
Still: Special thanks to the people at RTS and thanks to Roy for spotting the differences.

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