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16 Israel - There Must Be Another Way - Noa & Mira Awad

16 - 53 pts / 7 - 75 in semi 1Israel selected Noa & Mira Awad for Eurovision 2009. They performed four songs in a national final.
Listen to the 4 songs by Noa & Mira Awad at Eurovil/IBA. (The links are numbered on the right, no need to install the font) including the winner Einaiych - There Must Be Another Way.
The song is performed in Hebrew עינייך, Arabic عيون and English.

Noa's homepage now features the Eurovision version of There Must Be Another Way and songs from her latest album Genes & Jeans

- versions -
There Must Be Another Way - Eurovision version - unreleased
- The Eurovision uses the backing from the new version but the lyrics are similar to the 1st version.
There Must Be Another Way - new version on 6 track promo, CD There must... (on EmArcy label *) and Mira CD Bahlawan
There Must Be Another Way - original version - on 1-track promo ♫
There Must Be Another Way - Acoustic version ** - has been on Noa Website
There Must Be Another Way - Instrumental - From Eurovision TV's karaoke album, but it's actually instrumental

The Eurovision version is the same as the earlier acoustic ** version but remastered bringing the percussion more to the front.
No release details on the actual Eurovision version are known.
* I don't know if all album releases have this new version, but after the (vocal) intro the song starts with 'Oh sister' and a part in English. 
The original version starts with Einaiych... and a part in Hebrew.
The original is the one that ended up on the Moscow 2CD.

In Israel the duo's album is released by Helicon.
TMBAW ('Oh Sister' version) is also available on Mira Awad's new CD Bahlawan, released on More / Helicon in Israel (More 7612524)

Promo cds (More Music CSDJ600, top picture) has the first version.
A second promo with six tracks has the new version, pre song Will You Dance With Me and 4 other songs (some solo). (Universal Records NOA#1, Made in Spain).
A German 1 track promo (NOAPROM2) has the new version.

Special thanks to Roy and Trond

Contrary to earlier reports there will be no European cdsingle release, but a joint album is out now with duet and solo tracks. The album There Must Be Another Way (Universal 27063423) includes the Eurovision entry and pre-songs Will You Dance With Me, Second Chance and Faith In The Light. (More details at Noa's website).

Noa and Mira spent a week in the Swiss top 100 at # 93

Noa (נעה) is a celebrated singer who has released over 10 albums since the early 90's.
She is one of the most internationally successful singers of the current Israeli music scene.
In her career she worked with many popular artists like Annie Lennox, Cheb Khaled, Carlos Santana, Pat Metheny, Patrick Bruel, Miguel Bosé, Zucchero and Eurovision related stars like Lara Fabian, Joan Manuel Serrat, Massimo Ranieri, Maurane and Amina.

Mira Anwar Awad (ميرا عوض‎) is a Palestinian singer living in Israel. She's also an actress currently appearing in the sitcom Arab Labour and the musical My Fair Lady. Noa & Mira already worked together on We Can Work It Out (on Noa's album Now) and tracks for Mira's long awaited debut album Bahlawan. Listen to some wonderful tracks at Mira Awads Myspace.

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