Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 Armenia - Jan Jan (Nor Par) - Inga & Anush Arshakyans

10 - 92 pts / 5 - 99 in semi 1 Ինգա Անուշ Արշակյաններ have won the Armenian selection with the song Nor Par (Jan Jan).
The complete title in Armenian is Նոր պար (Ջան, ջան) = Nor Par (Jan Jan) but the title New Dance has also been used.
You can listen to the song at to the Arshakyans sisters blog and at their new MySpace.

Jan Jan, The New Macarena?
The Sisters are surely at it. Their must visit blog features a great is a 'How To Dance to our Eurovision entry' instruction video.
The sisters have also added the preview video and some making of pics at their blog.
Clubmixes: If you checked the Sisters blog regularly, you will have discovered the remixes of Jan Jan (Electronic mix and Soulful mix), the mixes are also at their MySpace.

Inga and Anush Arshakyans (or Arshakyanner) homepage (in Armenian) is updated with Eurovision info.
The sisters have released two wonderful albums (in 2001 and 2006) which are available at Armenian Music. There's also some soundclips there.

- versions -
Jan Jan (Nor Par) - Eurovision version ♫
Jan Jan (Nor Par) - Electronic mix
Jan Jan (Nor Par) - Soulfull remix
All three versions can be found on the cdsingle of the Moscow promo cd/dvd set. (and also issued seperately) The set also has a dvd with videos and a picture dvd.
A seperate DVD (top picture) and a 1 track cdsingle (pic right) also exist.
Jan Jan (Nor Par) - Original version, can be heard in the videosection of the sisters MySpace (titled New Dance).

Jan Jan spends 2 weeks in the Swedish top 60: 29, 30.

Heartbeat Of My Land
All three versions of Jan Jan are released on the Arshakyans new album Menq Enq Mer Sarerệ - Մենք ենք մեր սարերը
Find out more on or watch the album promo at Youtube.
The album is available at Armenian and of course at BeaRecords.

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