Saturday, May 16, 2009

21 Sweden - La Voix - Malena Ernman

21 - 33 pts / 4 - 105 in semi 1
Malena Ernman won Melodifestivalen 2009 with La Voix
The cdsingle is out now (Roxy Recordings CDS28s) and has two tracks:
La Voix ♫
La Voix - sing along version
And of course La Voix is also on the Melodifestivalen 2CD and DVD. So far La Voix has reached #2 on the Swedish top 60. It was held off the top spot by Melodifestivalen interval act Tingaliin. The last time a Swedish entry did not reach # 1 was in 2001.

La Voix in the Swedish top 60: 31, 10, 4, 2, 6, 4, 3, 6, 9, 15, 16, 4, 8, 14, 40, 30, 58, 60
In Norway La Voix enters the top 20 at #20
See the video's of the final at the SVT site, the official promo video is at

2010 interval act (new)
The Melodifestivalen 2010 final saw Rock Super Group Casablanca perform La Voix with a guest appearance of original singer Malena Ernman.

The track is already availble at the usual download shops (like Klicktrack). The release has two versions of the song, one with and one without Malena Ernman.
Casablanca in the Swedish charts: 48, 28

Casablanca are Josephine Forsman (from Sahara Hotnights), Erik Stenemo (Melody Club), singer Anders Ljung, one time Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie and AIK footballer Mats Rubarth.

La Voix Du Nord
Malena Ernman releases a new album (2CD out now). La Voix Du Nord has a popular music CD and a classical CD. There's of course La Voix and also the first CD release of the acoustic version of the Eurovision song.
(King Island Music NFM-1019892)
The album enters at #1 in the Swedish charts.

Russian coverversion
Russian Eurovision singer and multi Eurocoverer Philippe Kirkorov (Фили́пп Кирко́ров) has recorded a Russian version of La Voix. He teams up with soprano Anna Netrebko (Анна Нетребко) for the quasi classical pop ditty and if you visit his website the song starts playing.

Cover from South Africa
A version in Afrikaans is recorded by Romanz and Lianell. It is released on their album 'N Duisend Drome which is available through several digital sources like 7digital
Watch the official video here at Selekt musieks Youtube. or have a listen in the widget below.
You may know Romanz if you attended the Monaco Royal wedding, or if you checked out the songs from the 2012 Swiss preselection. (For You didn't make it to any of the finals though)

The 2CD with all 32 Melodifestivalen entries is out now. Available in the Swedish shops, at Bearecords and Scandinavian online stores. (MLCD0013)

Check the Swedish page at the 2013 Malmö Collection websites for statistics (2002-2013) and history of Melodifestivalen.

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