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4 Turkey - Düm Tek Tek - Hadise

4 - 177 pts / 2 - 172 in semi 1
TRT appointed Hadise to represent Turkey in Moscow. Hadise was born in Belgium and started her career with an Idols participation. Next to being a star in Turkey, she scored six hits in Belgium prior to her Düm Tek Tek # 1 hit. -

Düm Tek Tek releases
A 1-track cd single is out in Belgium, possibly promo cds exist (Capitol EMI 6984782). But also beware of fake promo's being offered for sale. -

In Turkey a 5-track cdsingle is released by Pasaj Müsik.
It includes Düm Tek Tek and four other songs. (Pasaj Müsik 420611149).
The TRT promo is a 1 track cd and dvd in fold out powder compact sleeve with mirror. (pic below) The dvd has lyrics, bio and photos but no videoclip.

Hadise #1
Düm Tek Tek enters the Belgian (Flemish) sales charts at #36, drops off the chart the next week, and re-enters at # 1 in the week of the physical cds release. In the Walloon Belgian charts she enters the top 40 at # 40)
BE-FL: 36, -, 1, 1, 6, 1, 2, 3, 3, 11, 16, 19, 30, 34, 40, 45,-
BE-W: 40, 24, -, 36, 33, -, 27, -
Sweden top 60: 14, 12, 34, -
Switzerland top 100: 73, -
Germany top 100: 69, -
Netherlands top 100: 99, -
Japan Tokio Hot 100: 91, 53, 40, 48, 36, 43, 53, 90, -
Japan Singles Top 100: 61, 48, 21, 30, 91, -
In the U.K. DTT reached #127.

An album release Fast Life is out now, it has the radio version and a new remix of Düm Tek Tek.
Fast Life is now also released in Taiwan on EMI (96508022) where she's known as 荷黛絲. (See below for Japanese edition)
The Turkish Hadise album Kahraman (Pasaj müsik) is out now. It features Düm Tek Tek, the remix and a new acoustic version of the song.
- versions -
Düm Tek Tek - Eurovision version ♫
Düm Tek Tek - first version
Düm Tek Tek - second version
- In the 1st preview version she sings This is the greatest story of all time, in the 2nd preview version This is the greatest story of all times around the 0:25 mark. There are also differences in the instrumental break at around 2:15. (Thanks Joris!)
Düm Tek Tek - Suat Atesdagli and Yalcin Asan project club mix - on CDs Fast Life and Kahraman
Düm Tek Tek - Acoustic - CD Kahraman
Düm Tek Tek - DJ Szabad remix - 2012 release Belly Dance Music vol. 1.
Many other remixes are floating on the net, even some by professional DJ's, but so far none has been confirmed as official. is up and running now. -

Hadise In Japan
Düm Tek Tek is released in Japan on a 4 track cdsingle (August 5) The cdsingle includes two versions of Düm Tek Tek and two of My Body. The cds is titled Hitonatsu No Dun Teku Teku (ひと夏のドゥン☆テク☆テク) and Hadise is spelled ハディセ. Digital release is available through several outlets.
Düm Tek Tek already enters the Tokio hot 100 at # 91, to 53, 40, 48, 36. In the Kiss FM (Kobe) chart Hadise has been #2 and she also charts in other FM Airplay charts.

The cdsingle is available at CDJapan (best shipping prices to Europe as far as I know).HMV Japan also sells it internationally.

Tracklist cds in Japanese (EMI Japan TOCP40193)
1-1 ひと夏のドゥン☆テク☆テク (Düm tek tek)
1-2 マイ・ボディ (My Body)
1-3 ひと夏のドゥン☆テク☆テク(クラブ・リミックス= Club remix)
1-4 マイ・ボディ(クラブ・リミックス)
Special thanks to Tom K. for this one. Watch an amazing commercial at Youtube or see a great special at EMI Japan here.
Also check out Hadise's Japanese blog
The video with Japanese subtitles is here at the EMI Japan Youtube channel.
Hadise visited Japan for promotion early September, followed by the Japanese release of the Fast Life CD. (which is re-titled Hadise).
The Japanese edition has 14 tracks (extra tracks: My Body & A Good Kiss) and three videos including Düm Tek Tek. Expected on October 7.

Hadise updates 2010
New York
Hadise performed in New York on the 22nd of may. A special website Hadise New York is lauched.
Hadise's Düm Tek Tek has also been picked up in Indonesia. Just like in Japan, the DTT ringtones sells like hotcakes. Warner Indonesia have released album titled Hadise to coincide with Hadises visit to Indonesia in June 2010. The Hadise album has the same tracks as the Japanese edition (including DTT and DTT the club mix)

Andriette Norman from South Africa has recorded an Afrikaans version of the song titled Dum Tekk Tekk. It's out on her new CD Dink Aan My which is out on Sony Music South Africa since October 12. Listen to an excerpt here.
2010 Simo ft. Hasna from Morocco have recorded a new version of Düm Tek Tek in Arabic and French. It can be found on the album Rai 2010 Platinum Hit Parade II (Youtube)
Shehla Gul from Pakistan has recorded a version in the Sindhi language titled Chup Chup Chup. Watch the video here.

Each year several Eurovision entries make it to hits compilation CDs. Quite odd is the choice for Düm Tek Tek on the 3CD De Grootste Barbecue Hits Ooit (The greatest BBQ hits ever) from Belgium.
So now you know you can safely do the Düm Tek Tek while roasting your ribs and flipping the burgers.
DTT will also be included on the Swedish 2CD Absolute Summer Hits 2009 along with Fairytale (Norway), Is It True (Iceland), It's My Time (U.K.), Always (Azerbaijan) and Lose Control (Finland)

Watch Düm Tek Tek at TRT news (scroll down) or listen at Hadise's re-launched website. -
Special thanks to Mustafa Gursoy and the people at TRT and to Josep, Lior and Joris

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