Sunday, May 17, 2009

Your Guide To The Moscow Collection

This blog is for the collectors of the CDs of the 2009 Eurovision contest. It replaces the yearly Collection Document (see below)
You will find no downloads here, but links to official sites and release info on CDs and where you can buy them.
Find details on all recorded versions, label info, promo's and all you need to know to complete your collection of the 2009 contest. We'll also try to keep track of our beloved Eurovision entries in the official national and international charts and Album releases.
You can just scroll the blog or use the links in the Latest News post. If you have any news, additions or corrections or if you find broken links, please leave a comment or e-mail me.

Please read about the official CD and karaoke downloads here.

Special thanks to Lior for his many corrections and updates 2012/2013.

♫ = This version is on the official 2CD

Previous Eurovision Collections
Here are links to some older Eurovision Collections. These are all word.documents with listings of all recorded versions of the songs from each contest. And picture sleeves for your entertainment.
2008 - The Belgrade Collection (Updated 20-03-2009)
2007 - The Helsinki Collection -----2006 - The Athens Collection
2005 - The Kyiv Collection --------2004 - The Istanbul Collection
......working on that................
Please note: All are word.documents to download, not all documents have been updated recently The Eurovision Collectors Guide booklet has all details on the entries from 1956 to 2005 and is still available.

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