Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Official CD & DVD - Moscow 2009

The Official CD & DVD
Since 2000 there's an official CDalbum with all entries. All 42 entries are on this 2CD, most in their Eurovision versions. Some are there in alternate or earlier versions and some are even only to be found on this compilation.
Versions on the Moscow CD are marked ♫ in each section.

The digital version is available at the download shop of the official site. You can also get the karaoke versions there which won't be released on any CD. Unfortunately the karaokes are offered only at 192 kb. (The regular songs are at 320kb though)
The Moscow Collection only lists the karaoke versions on seperate releases.
The CD is released by CMC entertainment (EMI) (9968020), I don't know if there any other labels for different territories.
This CD is available in any major shop and your local should stock it too.
Moscow 2009 and all the official compilations from 2001 to 2008 are available at BeaRecords Eurovision shop.

The official DVD is out now too. this 3CD set has both semi finals and the final plus some bonus material.
The official DVD has been released since the introduction of a semi final (Istanbul 2004)